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"The New York Pianist"

Upscale Piano Entertainment for Exclusive Events

Located on the East Coast tailored specifically for exclusive corporate events, luxury events, and weddings.
Steve has performed for The Masters, US Open, IBM, and more.

Professionalism, experience, reliability, class, and talent for your next event. 
Choose your customizable show here.

High-energy, audience interaction, and requests, with one piano player performing hits like Pianoman, Livin' on a Prayer and Great Balls of Fire.

Billy Joel to Frank Sinatra to Maroon 5.
The perfect mix of elegance and fun for guests to sing along, mingle, and enjoy the evening.


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High-quality and audience engaging piano entertainment.
There's a reason Steve is hired back by repeat clients year after year and has performed all along the East Coast from New York to Florida.



Times Square, NYC

"We have received nothing but great reviews.  It was a pleasure to work with you." - Event Manager, IBM

"Thanks for everything, you guys were great to work with and our guests loved the performance." - NYC Event Planner

"Your concept could not have been anymore perfect!  It was exactly what we wanted!" - Marissa, Happy Bride

"Thank you for making our evening fantastic!  We HIGHLY recommend Steve Laureti!"  - NY Tri-County Funeral Directors

"Thank you for making our event classy; everyone loved your music!" - COO, NYC Engineering Firm

Entertainment for Corporate Events

Piano entertainment for corporate events can add a touch of sophistication, ambiance, and engagement to the occasion. Here are some ideas for incorporating piano entertainment into your corporate event:

  1. Background Music during Networking: Have a pianist play soft, elegant background music as attendees arrive and network. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and encourages conversations.

  2. Cocktail Hour Entertainment: During the cocktail hour, feature a pianist playing a mix of contemporary and classic tunes. This can enhance the mood and energy as guests enjoy their drinks and socialize.

  3. Dinner Entertainment: Provide musical accompaniment during the dinner portion of the event. The pianist can play a combination of light jazz, classical music, and popular songs that add to the dining experience.

  4. Themed Performances: Tailor the pianist's repertoire to match the theme of the corporate event. Whether it's a holiday party, a specific era, or a cultural celebration, the music can enhance the thematic experience.

  5. Interactive Requests: Allow attendees to request songs they'd like to hear. The pianist can engage with the audience by playing their requested songs, creating a dynamic and personalized experience.

  6. Piano and Vocal Performance: Feature a pianist who can also sing. This combination allows for a diverse range of musical styles, from instrumental pieces to vocal-driven performances.

  7. Audience Engagement: Have the pianist interact with the audience by taking song requests, and encouraging sing-alongs.

  8. Employee Recognition: Include a special piano performance as part of an employee recognition segment. It can add an elegant touch to the celebration of achievements.

  9. Keynote Accompaniment: Enhance keynote speeches or presentations with background piano music that complements the message and adds a layer of sophistication.

  10. Musical Transitions: Use the pianist to create seamless transitions between different segments of the event, maintaining a consistent atmosphere.

  11. Grand Finale Performance: Save a powerful or captivating piano performance for the end of the event. This can leave a lasting impression on attendees as they depart. We have ended many events with a powerful close of "Proud to Be An American."


When hiring a pianist for a corporate event, make sure to discuss the event's goals, theme, and desired atmosphere. This will help the pianist tailor their performance to align with the event's objectives and create an engaging and memorable experience for your guests.

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