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"The New York Pianist"

Upscale Piano Entertainment for Exclusive Events

Located on the East Coast tailored specifically for exclusive corporate events, luxury events, and weddings.
Steve has performed for The Masters, US Open, IBM, and more.

Professionalism, experience, reliability, class, and talent for your next event. 
Choose your customizable show here.

High-energy, audience interaction, and requests, with one piano player performing hits like Pianoman, Livin' on a Prayer and Great Balls of Fire.

Billy Joel to Frank Sinatra to Maroon 5.
The perfect mix of elegance and fun for guests to sing along, mingle, and enjoy the evening.


Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes
Corporate Event Themes

High-quality and audience engaging piano entertainment.
There's a reason Steve is hired back by repeat clients year after year and has performed all along the East Coast from New York to Florida.


Corporate Event Themes

Times Square, NYC

"We have received nothing but great reviews.  It was a pleasure to work with you." - Event Manager, IBM

"Thanks for everything, you guys were great to work with and our guests loved the performance." - NYC Event Planner

"Your concept could not have been anymore perfect!  It was exactly what we wanted!" - Marissa, Happy Bride

"Thank you for making our evening fantastic!  We HIGHLY recommend Steve Laureti!"  - NY Tri-County Funeral Directors

"Thank you for making our event classy; everyone loved your music!" - COO, NYC Engineering Firm

Incorporating a Pianist for

Corporate Theme Parties

Having a pianist at a corporate event with themed parties can enhance the overall experience and tailor the entertainment to fit the specific theme. Here are some ideas for incorporating a pianist into various themed corporate event parties:

  1. Great Gatsby Roaring Twenties Party: Set the mood with jazz and swing music from the 1920s. The pianist can play lively tunes that capture the essence of the era, and attendees can dance the Charleston or enjoy the music while socializing.

  2. Hollywood Glamour Party: Choose elegant and iconic songs from classic films. The pianist can perform Hollywood movie themes and standards, adding a touch of sophistication to the event.

  3. Tropical Luau or Beach Party: Play laid-back, tropical-inspired music that captures the essence of a beach getaway. Calypso, reggae, and relaxed melodies can enhance the tropical vibe.

  4. Casino Night: Set the mood with jazzy and upbeat music that you might hear in a casino. The pianist can create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

  5. Holiday Extravaganza: Depending on the holiday theme (e.g., Halloween, Christmas, New Year's), the pianist can play appropriately themed music, adding to the festive spirit of the event.

  6. Decades Theme Party: A decades-themed party is a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate various eras and their unique styles. Incorporating a pianist into a decades-themed party can help transport attendees back in time with music that captures the essence of each era. Here's how you can integrate a pianist into a decades-themed party:

    1. 1920s - The Roaring Twenties: Have the pianist play lively jazz tunes that were popular during the 1920s.

    2. 1950s/1960s - Rock 'n' Roll Era: Play rock 'n' roll classics on the piano, including hits by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Sam Cooke. Create a nostalgic atmosphere with piano renditions of doo-wop and rockabilly songs.  Motown classics that define the 1960s. Capture the essence of the era with piano versions of songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones.

    3. 1970s - Disco Fever: Get the party grooving with disco hits played on the piano. Play funk and soul tunes that defined the dance culture of the '70s.

    4. 1980s - Neon and New Wave: Play synth-pop and new wave hits that were the hallmark of the 1980s. Create an upbeat atmosphere with piano renditions of iconic songs by artists like Journey, Michael Jackson, and Prince.

    5. 1990s - Grunge and Pop: Perform acoustic versions of grunge hits from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. Play pop hits from the '90s, such as those by Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls.

    6. 2000s - Millennium Mix: Feature hits from the early 2000s by artists like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and Coldplay. Play alternative rock and indie hits that defined the music scene during this decade.

    7. 2010s - Modern Melodies: Perform piano renditions of chart-topping hits from the 2010s by artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Rihanna. Include acoustic versions of popular electronic dance music (EDM) tracks.

​When planning a decades-themed party with a pianist, make sure to provide them with a list of songs and styles that represent each era. This will help them prepare a playlist that resonates with the theme and provides a musical journey through time for your attendees.

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