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"The New York Pianist"

Upscale Piano Entertainment for Exclusive Events

Located on the East Coast tailored specifically for exclusive corporate and luxury events.
Steve has performed for The Masters, US Open, IBM, and more.

Professionalism, experience, reliability, class, and talent for your next event. 
Choose your customizable show here.

High-energy, audience interaction, and requests, with one piano player performing hits like Pianoman, Livin' on a Prayer and Great Balls of Fire.

Billy Joel to Frank Sinatra to Maroon 5.
The perfect mix of elegance and fun for guests to sing along, mingle, and enjoy the evening.


Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas
Company Event Ideas

High-quality and audience engaging piano entertainment.
There's a reason Steve is hired back by repeat clients year after year and has performed all along the East Coast from New York to Florida.


A corporate piano bar entertainer is a musician who specializes in providing live entertainment at corporate events, gatherings, parties, and other professional functions. This type of entertainer typically plays the piano and engages with the audience by performing a wide range of musical genres, taking song requests, and creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.Corporate piano bar entertainers often bring a combination of musical talent, showmanship, and audience interaction skills to their performances. They aim to enhance the event experience and create memorable moments for attendees, making them a valuable addition to corporate gatherings and functions.

Company Event Ideas

Times Square, NYC

"We have received nothing but great reviews.  It was a pleasure to work with you." - Event Manager, IBM

"Thanks for everything, you guys were great to work with and our guests loved the performance." - NYC Event Planner

"Your concept could not have been anymore perfect!  It was exactly what we wanted!" - Marissa, Happy Bride

"Thank you for making our evening fantastic!  We HIGHLY recommend Steve Laureti!"  - NY Tri-County Funeral Directors

"Thank you for making our event classy; everyone loved your music!" - COO, NYC Engineering Firm

Ideas For Your Corporate Event
Incorporating a Pianist

Certainly, incorporating a piano player into your corporate event can add a touch of elegance, entertainment, and sophistication. Here are some creative corporate event ideas that involve a piano player:

  1. Piano Lounge Networking Event: Set up a lounge area at your event venue where attendees can relax, network, and enjoy live piano music. The piano player can provide a soothing background ambiance that encourages conversations.

  2. Cocktail Reception with Piano: Kick off your event with a classy cocktail reception featuring a piano player performing a mix of contemporary and classic tunes. This can set the tone for an evening of networking and enjoyment.

  3. Dinner Entertainment: For a formal dinner or gala, have a piano player perform during the meal. This can create an elegant atmosphere as guests enjoy their food and engage in conversation.

  4. Themed Piano Performance: Tailor the piano player's repertoire to match the event's theme. Whether it's a vintage-themed soirée, a holiday celebration, or an industry-specific event, the piano player can adapt their music to complement the theme.

  5. Interactive Song Requests: Allow attendees to submit song requests in advance or during the event. The piano player can create an interactive experience by playing these requested songs and engaging with the crowd.

  6. Employee Recognition Ceremony: During an awards ceremony or employee recognition event, the piano player can perform uplifting and motivational songs to celebrate achievements and create a positive atmosphere.

  7. Product Launch or Exhibition: If your event involves showcasing new products or services, a piano player can provide background music that enhances the overall experience for attendees as they explore your offerings.

  8. Charity Fundraiser: For charity events or fundraisers, a piano player can perform heartwarming and emotionally resonant pieces to connect with attendees and emphasize the cause.

  9. Team-building Workshops: Incorporate a piano-playing workshop into team-building activities. Participants can learn basic piano skills or collaborate on creating music together, fostering teamwork and creativity.

  10. After-Dinner Entertainment: After the main program, have a piano player provide post-dinner entertainment. This can include a mix of lively and upbeat songs to get attendees on their feet and dancing.

  11. Corporate Retreats: If you're organizing a corporate retreat, having a piano player for a fireside or evening performance can create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for participants.

  12. Executive Leadership Meetings: Add a touch of class to executive meetings or leadership retreats with a piano player who performs during breaks or at the start and end of sessions.


Steve can tailor the performance accordingly. Whether you want to create a formal ambiance or a more casual and interactive setting, piano music can enhance the overall event experience and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

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